Event - Info And Signup

[April 27th 2019 2300-0200Z] VATSIM First Wings



Event Date:

2019-04-27 23:00:00z - 2019-04-28 02:00:00z

Event Description

Support for ZMP/ZAU/VATUSA. Here is the description:

VATSIM First Wings - The event where you lose your fears and join in on the fun that is flying online with real people providing you Air Traffic Control services.

ZMP and ZAU are teaming up to host this event to encourage new pilots into pushing that push to talk button. Everyone makes mistakes and we are all happy to help!

Do not be put off flying for the fear of making a mistake, all Air Traffic Controllers are aware that the majority of pilots flying are newcomers, likely inexperienced in flying in controlled airspace, and will adapt accordingly.

This event will feature four airports: KRST. KRFD, KCID, and KDLH.

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
DEN_22_CTR No Assignment
DEN_17_CTR No Assignment
DEN_APP No Assignment
DEN_TWR No Assignment
DEN_GND No Assignment
DEN_DEL No Assignment