Event - Info And Signup

[March 5th 2021 2345Z-0400Z] Changes on the Horizon FNO


Kansas City ARTCC

Event Date:

2021-03-05 23:45:00z - 2021-03-06 04:00:00z

Event Description

Kansas City International is going through a changing phase as a new terminal is slowly coming into picture. Join ZKC as we potentially host our last solo facility FNO. ZKC will be fully staffing Kansas City (KMCI) on March 5th, 2021 from 2345Z to 0400Z.
Here are a few reminders to consider prior to flying this event:
*Please look over the pilot briefing provided once it is available.
*Have updated scenery. This can just be an AFCAD.
*PDC's will be issued to all PDC capable aircraft. If you do not receive a PDC, or are not CPDLC capable, please call delivery for your voice clearance. You will most likely need an amended route if you're PDC capable and you didn't get a PDC.
*It is important that on initial contact with the first approach controller and ground controller that you have the current ATIS info.
ZKC looks forward to seeing you! We will update this description with more information including a pilot brief as it becomes available.

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
DEN_17_CTR Jaden Rosard
DEN_25_CTR Jack Clark
DEN_APP Adam Hazel
DEN_DEP Benjamin Gustafson
DEN_E_GND Adam Grunes
DEN_W_GND Tommy Ondrey
DEN_BS_GND Logan James
DEN_DEL James Roberts