Event - Info And Signup

Rise of the SIDs FNO


Denver ARTCC

Event Date:

2020-04-03 23:59:00z - 2020-04-04 04:00:00z

Event Description

Join ZDV in welcoming our new Star Wars SID and STAR procedures. Our FNO will feature our new SIDs and STARs that come out in 2004 so make sure to have your Nav Data up to date and join us for a fantastic time. ZDV Welcomes anything from Chewy flying the Falcon or One of you taking the risen up Red 5. We hope to see you there!

Date: 4/3/2020

Time: 2359z-0400z

Feature Field: KDEN

Position Assignments

Position Name Controller
DEN_T_CTR Raphael Weiner
DEN_12_CTR Ashar Hussain
DEN_03_CTR Ryan Drozd
DEN_22_CTR Josh Hill
DEN_17_CTR Andrew Rohs
DEN_I_APP Brandon Wening
DEN_G_APP Raaj Patel
DEN_W_APP Jackson Gilliam
DEN_E_APP Jared West
DEN_J_APP Jordan Cohen
DEN_L_DEP Edward Meisburger
DEN_R_DEP Ramesh Raja
DEN_E_TWR David Epstein
DEN_W_TWR Joshua Friar
DEN_E_GND Matthew Thayer
DEN_W_GND Patrick Lukes
DEN_DEL Harry Linsenmayer
ASE_APP Jarid Masiel
ASE_TWR Jack Clark
ASE_GND No Assignment
APA_TWR Cullen Pinkus
APA_GND Robert Willard
COS_APP Corey Dombrowski
COS_TWR Emanuel Thompson
COS_GND Taylor Broad
Standby 1 No Assignment
Standby 2 Karsen Box
Standby 3 John Elliott