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KDEN VFR 220 @ 07 30.32
KASE VFR 000 @ 00 30.36
KCOS VFR 200 @ 03 30.34
KGJT VFR 120 @ 11 30.33
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Upcoming Events

2018-04-27 | 23:55 - 04:00 UTC

Come join Denver as we host this week's FNO. Come and fly into KDEN as you chase the sunset as it passes over the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We will stay on as long as people keep flying in. It will be a great time! More info will come later.

2018-04-29 | 22:00 - 02:00 UTC

Help ZMP make order from chaos as we stress test new Traffic Management tools to help improve the flow of traffic during future events!

2018-05-03 | 23:00 - 03:00 UTC

ZMP Presents our 12th Annual BYOB (Bring Your Own Bizjet) featuring Omaha-Eppley Airfield (OMA)! Each year, Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting is hosted in Omaha in which hundreds of the world's wealthiest will attend! Time to bust out your Business Jets and head to Omaha in style... Join us on May 3rd, 2018 for full staffing at OMA from 2300-0300z (6PM-10PM CDT). See you there!

2018-05-04 | 23:45 - 04:00 UTC

Join ZKC for our first FNO of the year at Kansas City (KMCI). Be sure to watch out for the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon in the vicinity of the airport. A pilot briefing will be available closer to the event date. Here are a few reminders to consider prior to flying this event: *Please look over the pilot briefing provided above. *Have updated scenery. This can just be an AFCAD. *PDC's will be issued to all CPDLC capable aircraft. If you do not receive a PDC, or are not CPDLC capable, please call delivery for your voice clearance. You will most likely need an amended route if you're CPDLC capable and you didn't get a PDC. *It is important that on initial contact with the first approach controller and ground controller that you have the current ATIS info. ZKC looks forward to seeing you!

2018-05-13 | 22:30 - 02:30 UTC

Join Albuquerque and Denver Center as we staff up for a good ol' fashion CROSSFIRE! With just an average flight time of just 1 hour 45 minutes between Phoenix and Denver, can you make the round trip? Give our controllers a good workout, while you enjoy those friendly skies! Featured Airports include: Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX) Denver International (KDEN) Sunday, May 13, 20108, from 2230z (1530P, 1630M, 1730C, 1830E) until 0230z

2018-05-26 | 23:55 - 04:00 UTC

Los Angeles and Oakland ARTCCs present CalScream 2018! CalScream is one of the most popular events on VATSIM! Fly real flights on real schedules!

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