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Title: Position Posting: Denver ARTCC Training Administrator
Post by: Brandon Wening on July 22, 2020, 06:35:33 pm
Position Posting: Denver ARTCC Training Administrator
Date Posted: 7/22/20
Submission Deadline: 8/5/20

The Denver ARTCC is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual to help manage the facility training department while creating a fun and exciting experience for all members of the community.
Key Responsibilities:

 - Reports to the ZDV ATM and VATUSA3 as necessary
 - Maintains an online presence within the facility and on the VATSIM network
 - Functions as ARTCC Senior Staff Member and attends periodic meetings as necessary
 - Develops, maintains, updates, and manages the training program and related material
 - Ensures a fun and enjoyable learning environment for all controllers
 - Responsible for appointing and managing a team of instructors and mentors
 - Holds periodic training meetings to discuss changes and updates
 - Other duties as assigned by the ZDV ATM or VATUSA3

 - Must be an active member of the network in good standing
 - Currently holds at least a Controller (C1) rating and is Instructor eligible
 - Capable of working well in a team-oriented environment
 - Excellent written and oral communication skills
 - Must have instructional experience, real-world and/or VATSIM
 - Have a strong knowledge of the United States Airspace and Air Traffic Control systems
 - Knowledge of Aircraft Situation Editor and TWRTrainer
Preferred Qualifications:

 - Previous VATSIM staff experience
 - Current training staff member in VATUSA
 - Real world management experience

This position requires a significant commitment to ZDV and VATSIM. Role and responsibilities may change as needed.

Interested candidates should be aware that this is not an entry-level position. The workload is considerable and should not be taken lightly. Only those who understand the requirements and can make the appropriate commitment should consider applying. Candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application after which they may be contacted for a comprehensive interview.
Applications Should Include:
 - Full Name, Active Email, and VATSIM CID
 - Resume detailing VATSIM experience (include any applicable real-world experience)
 - Letter of Intent / Cover Letter
Candidates should email their application package to brandonw[at]denartcc.org
Applications must be received no later than 23:59z, 05 August 2020