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Airport Weather

ICAO Rules Wind Baro
KDEN VFR 280@10 29.98
KCOS VFR 350@12 29.98
KASE VFR VRB@05 30.15
KGJT VFR 360@05 30.27
KEGE VFR Calm 30.22
KTEX VFR 280@04 30.16

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Visiting Controller Application

Prospective ZDV Controller,

Thank you for your interest in joining the ZDV family. ZDV is home to Denver International Airport, the second largest airport in the world by area; Telluride Regional Airport, the highest commercial airport in North America; and Eagle County Airport, known as the eighth most extreme airport in the world!

Before you submit your application, please ensure you understand that as allowed under the Visiting and Transferring Control Policy, visiting controllers are not permitted to control within the ZDV airspace until they have been certified to do so by a Denver ARTCC Instructor or Mentor. Instructional resources are limited and priority will be given to home controllers.

You must also meet the following minimum requirements:

  • S1 Rating
  • No serious disiplinary history on VATSIM within the past year
  • Currently on a facility roster (not VATUSA Academy)
  • Willing to control at least one (1) hour per month within ZDV airspace

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