Denver ARTCC

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Online Controllers
DEN_16_CTR Jaden Simmons
DEN_APP Chris Hadden
Airport Weather
KDEN VFR 310 @ 09 30.28
KASE VFR 240 @ 11 30.35
KCOS VFR 310 @ 09 30.35
KGJT VFR 310 @ 14 30.06
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Welcome to Denver ARTCC

ZDV is home to Denver International Airport, the second largest airport in the world by area; Telluride Regional Airport, the highest commercial airport in North America; and Eagle County Airport, the eighth most extreme airport in the world!

Our mission is to “create a positive environment and airspace to learn, control, and fly!” Whether you are just starting your VATSIM journey, a seasoned veteran or anywhere in-between, we invite you to join us as we attempt to raise the bar of professionalism a mile higher.

2018-07-08 Denver's New FE!
2018-06-27 Denver Hiring Webmaster
2018-06-26 Radar controllers, please download this updated POF file.
2018-06-25 ZDV Sector 16 will temporarily operate on 120.570, due to recent frequency conflictions.

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